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Wireless Broadband for the Anderson Valley.
Wireless Broadband for the Anderson Valley.
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The Technology
BoontLink feels that internet service should be as transparent as possible to the end user. With that in mind, we're committed to the notion that our wireless technology won't feel like wireless technology. In fact, our wireless service is completely transparent! All that you'll need is a computer compatible with TCP/IP networking (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.) and a network card. Chances are you have all the equipment you need already!

We are able to keep our prices to a minimum by utilizing a FCC unlicensed part of the radio spectrum, the 2.4 GHz (gigahertz) band, also known as WiFi or 802.11b/g. Service is offered from our POP location and beamed to a radio antenna we install at your house or business. We don't sell our equipment to our customers and as part of our installation, we will professionally attach the antenna, run cables and set up your computer to receive our service. Our customers are highly encouraged to attach a consumer router and multiple computers to our service, all for the same price. We will even make a recommendation to which hardware may suit your needs best.

Unlike DSL where your location must be within 18,000 feet of the telephone company's central office, our service can be extended much further and it doesn't require you to even have phone service. Our wireless links require only that you have good radio visibility to our POP location. It is important that the area you wish to receive our wireless service be close enough to a roof-top or mast that has visibility. Before installing anything, we will perform a site survey free of charge and commitment.

Expanding Network

We are constantly looking to improve our network and coverage. This is why we would like to know if your location has exceptional visibility, especially to locations without visibility to our POP location. We offer a repeater discount for helping us expand our network to outlaying areas. For more information, please see our page on our service area.